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Baja, California

Jesse, Dad and me on the beach with the Hummer in San Quintin (the locals also drove on this beach)

My Dad, brother Jesse and I headed down to Baja in February, 2001 for two weeks in my Dad's latest and greatest toy, his big red Hummer. Along the way we played with the gray whales and their calves in San Ignacio Lagoon, saw Indian cave paintings and petroglyphs, hung out on the beach and bartered at the fish camp at our beloved Punta San Francisquito, met some interesting characters in LA Bay, rode horses and watched John Wayne movies at Meling Ranch—my childhood favorite—and did some shopping and relaxing in Rosarito.

I kept a log of the journey here. It's probably much too long, but I wanted to remember every minute of every day. It was an extraordinary trip, and a fabulous adventure. Mostly because of the people we met, and the things they shared with us. Thanks for giving us the trip of a lifetime, Baja California. We will return.

View our itinerary (which Dad prepared beforehand, and we stuck to pretty closely)
View the official Meling Ranch web page

Read my trip journal:

Day 1—Los Angeles to San Quintin
Day 2—San Quintin to San Ignacio
Day 3—San Ignacio to Laguna San Ignacio
Day 3-4—San Ignacio Lagoon (Gray whales)
Day 5—San Ignacio, Santa Rosalia
Day 6—San Francisco de la Sierra (Cave paintings, petroglyphs)
Day 7-8—San Ignacio to Punta San Francisquito
Day 9—Punta San Francisquito to Bahia de Los Angeles (LA Bay)
Day 10—Bahia de Los Angeles to San Quintin
Day 11—San Quintin to Rancho Meling
Day 12—Rancho Meling
Day 13-14—Rancho Meling to Rosarito
Day 15—Rosarito to Los Angeles