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Whales and Dolphins

Humpback Whales at Silver Banks, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

That's why they call them humpbacks.Breech.Breech.Mom and calf.Mom and calf.Humpback flukes.Mating bull tail slapping.Flukes.

Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico

Checking out the camp - note blow in upper right.Note hand at end of rostrum.Gray whale snuggling panga at Laguna San Ignacio - Pam's hands in foregroundGray whale nuzzling panga in Laguna San IgnacioGray whale at Laguna San IgnacioThe guide knows where to scratch.Pam's first touch.Spyhop.Touch.Spyhop.Whalesnot.Spyhop.Jess and whale.Mom and calf.Late afternoon in San Ignacio Lagoon.Mangroves in San Ignacio Lagoon.Dunes to the north of San Ignacio Lagoon.Sunset at San Ignacio Lagoon.Laguna San Ignacio sunset.

Blue Whales Near Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

Big back of big blue whale near Loreto.Big blow from blue whale near Loreto.Whoooosh.Blue whale nostrils.Flukes. Flukes. Flukes. Flukes. Flukes.


Gray Whale at Anacapa Island in California. Gray whale at Anacapa Island in California. Gray whale at Anacapa Island, California.Gray whale at Anacapa Island, California.False killer whale at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.Finback whale near Loreto (Isla Carmen in background).Risso dolphin near Anacapa Island in California Dolphins near Loreto.Dolphins near Loreto. Red Sea dolphin. Bottlenose dolphin in Cozumel Bottlenose dolphin at Cozumel Bottlenose dolphin at Cozumel