T. Y. Lin and Associates
Conrad Associates

January 6, 2007
Marriott Le Merigot Hotel
Santa Monica, California

T.Y. Lin/Conrad Gang
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Attendees missing from the photo: Linda Rice, Joanna Aloni-Boldon, Pam Bondy, Chris Deetz, Kathy Deetz, Bill Tapp.....
Those who could not attend but who submitted Reunion Questionnaires: Giri Chhabra, Bob Ewart, George Lo, Carl Walker
Attendees who did not submit Reunion Questionnaires: Bob Mehta, Hassan Mulla, Winston Lau, Jitu Mehta, Phil Aylward, Alana Lee
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If you have not completed the questionnaire, and would like to have yours posted on this website,
complete the form and snailmail it to Ken Bondy.
Bill Gates Winston Lau Ken Bondy Ed Rice Larry Martin Mike Neeser Kathy Neeser Marie Itaya Ray Itaya Nick Watry Chuck Boldon Lee Benuska Randi Szromba Anne Nerguizian Lu Benson George Nerguizian Gladys Fujiwara Verena Luisoni Tony Luisoni Carol Ann Gates Alana Lee Jitu Mehta Meena Mehta Jean Lau Phil Aylward Frank Barton Amina Mulla Hassan Mulla John Fujiwara David Afshar Mary Afshar Dilip Nandwana John James Bob Mehta Fran Benuska Scott Adler Renny Bollier Lee Szromba Olive Stubbs Ian Stubbs Luanne Nandwana Linda Itaya Roger Itaya Parviz Nourafchan