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Baja California
October 10-18, 2004
In Search of the Biggest Fish
For an illustrated, tedious log of this trip click here.

The Border at Mexicali and Overnight in San Felipe:
El Cortez Hotel in San FelipeSan Felipe beach.Jesse and Jim at San Felipe International Airport

The Drive from San Felipe to Alfonsina's:
About to unload the bike north of Puertecitos.Jess ready for 80 miles on the dirt!Puertecitos.South of Puertecitos South of PuertecitosJesse on the road.Rafael just before towing us to Rancho Grande.

Eternally grateful to Coffee Man!Flooded runway at Alfonsina's.Beach north of Alfonsina's.Sunrise at Alfonsina's.Sand patterns at Alfonsina's.Sand patterns at Alfonsina's.Upper balcony at Alfonsina's. Alfonsina's early morning.Houses near Alfonsina's.Early morning at Alfonsina's.Staff at Alfonsina's.Antonio and staff.Battery kluge!Batteries secure (kinda)!

The Drive from Alfonsina's to Coco's Corner:
Jess taking a break.Jess on the rocks.Coco's corner.Coco's corner.The legendary Coco. Coco.Coco.Hanging panties at Coco's corner.

Bahia de Los Angeles with the Whale Sharks:
Hotel Villa Vitta, LA Bay.Ready for whale sharks!Joel Prieto of LA Bay.Camp Gecko in Bahia de Los Angeles. Looking for whale sharks. Whale shark at surface. Whale shark. Whale shark head. Whale shark. Larry & Raquel's motel. Island in LA Bay. New LA Bay hotel Los Vientos.

The Drive from Bahia de Los Angeles to San Quintin:
Cactus garden. Cactus garden.Cactus garden.Cactus garden.Is this pitayha??Richard and Cecelia, amazing couple riding BMW 1150.Road from Hummer.Beach at La Pinta San Quintin.Hole in the Hummer!

Rosarito and the Border at Tijuana:
Rosarito Beach Hotel.Rosarito Beach Hotel.Tijuana border northbound.Tijuana border northbound.Home after 1200 miles.