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Anacapa Island with Santa Barbara Island in background.Morro Bay.Point Bennett, San Miguel Island, next stop Hawaii.Pelican above Peace.Gull.Risso dolphins.Northern elephant sealGray whale at Anacapa in AugustKelp detail.Attack starfish. Aggregating anemoneAnemone, starfish, urchin, etc. on pile under Newport Beach pier.Telia anemone. Telia anemone with starfish.Anenome mouth.Tube Anemone.Stars by Corynactis. Telia anemone at Lover's Point, Monterey Bay.Anemone mouth.Sand rose anemone mouth.Metridiums from Morro Bay.Metridiums in Morro Bay.Brittle stars attacking gorgonian fan.Brittle stars on gorgonian arms, Anacapa.Purple hydrocoral, Santa Barbara Island.Clam siphons and golden plumose anenome, Morro Bay.Blue shark off San DiegoBlue shark off San DiegoIs nature amazing or what?Blue-banded (Catalina) gobyColeen and friend at Cathedral Cove, Anacapa Island. Young harbor seal at AnacapaGaribaldi Magic Sunrays through canopy - one of world's most beautiful sightsMike Watkins under the Peace.Coleen at Ship Rock, Catalina.Sheephead on deep reef.California sceneLarge jack mackerel school in kelp at Anacapa.Bat ray, ready for takeoff.Jellyfish at Anacapa.School of jack mackerel at Anacapa Kelp scene at Anacapa.Reef scene.Coleen with coral fans at 120' at Anacapa.Garibaldi in kelpPatch reef with brittle stars at Anacapa.Attacking nudibranch Very tiny and unusual nudibranchStrikingly beautiful Santa Barbara nudibranch - Morro BayNudibranch - Morro BayTriopha nudibranch.Hermissenda nudibranch.Hopkins Rose nudibranch at Point Lobos, Monterey.Hermissenda crassicornisShaggy nudibranch under Coast Guard Pier in Morro Bay.Hermissenda crassicornis nudibranch.Nudibranch from Morro Bay.UCLA nudibranch at Anacapa.Hermissenda variation at Santa Cruz Island.Janolus barbarensis from Morro BayNudibranch on clam siphonDendronotus albus nudibranch.Can't we all just get along?Rainbow nudibranch.Rainbow nudibranch stalking tube anemone.Simnia laying eggs on gorgonian branch Two simnias on gorgonian coral Blackeyed goby on a bed of brittle starsGoby with brittle stars.Treefish.Zebra goby.Greenling. Male cabezon under pier in Morro BayKelpfish face. One-spot fringehead Ready for action!Rockfish portraitSarcastic fringehead - Morro BayFringehead in bottle. Sarcastic Fringehead in Shell.Fringehead in old bottle.Fringehead.Pipefish from Morro BayHermit crab - Monterey Bay Hermit crab. Hermit crab with big claw and blue eyes.