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Frank Armellini at Pescadero - now you can fly anywhere, anytime Franco. Jim Bailey and his beautiful Baron 318V

Frank Armellini

Back in the days of C150's!Left seat in N11414.Baron 30SD with new paint jobKen and Jim can still do it! (Kinda)Baron 30SD in flight over northern Baja CaliforniaBaron 30SD on final at Punta San FrancisquitoRunways at Punta San FrancisquitoBaron panel ready for IFRBaron 30SD at MXL before paint job.Baron 30SD on the ground at Punta San FrancisquitoBaron 30SD at Santa YnezHey, isn't that prop supposed to be spinning?  And where are the other blades?Departing to the north at Punta San FrancisquitoMorning at Punta San FrancisquitoVan Nuys airport 1974 looking northBurbank airport 1974 looking northCardinal 2076Q - first airplane I flew to Baja California in 1974.Duchess 5164M at San Francisquito on one of our winter tripsDirk preflighting 172 at Agua DulceDirk with 172 at Agua DulceDirk preflighting at Fox Field in LancasterDirk checking left tank at Fox Field in LancasterNext stop John Wayne - Dirk climbing out at Fox Field at Lancaster

Dirk Bondy landing his C206 at San Luis Obispo, CA, on July 23, 2017
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