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Coleen and southern stingray at Stingray City, Grand CaymanColeen with stingray spaceshipColeen and southern stingray at Stingray City, Grand Cayman Juvenile French Angelfish in Grand TurkGray Angel with Gary Powell in background - Grand TurkFairy basslet from RoatanLizardfish.Barracuda - Turks & CaicosBarracuda.Grouper cleaned by wrasse and fairy basslet.Filefish - Grand Turk.Corillamorph on Grand Turk night dive.Flamingo tongue - Provodenciales.Banded coral shrimp.Gray angelfish - Grand Turk.Gray angelfish - Grand Turk.Reef scenic - Provodenciales.Gray angelfish.Gray angelfish face.Yellow cactus flower - Provodenciales.Sea grapes on Grand Turk