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Indonesia (Kungkungan Bay, April 1999)

Kungkungan Bay Resort - one of the world's best dive locations.Lembeh Straits scene.Bitung marketplace in early morning.Hornbill Tarsies monkey - world's smallest primateMantis shrimp Pygmy seahorse Pygmy seahorse.Goby and blind shrimp symbiosis Frogfish FaceOrange frogfishFrogfish face.NudibranchNudibranch NudibranchNudibranch on sand bottomNudibranchNudibranch on black sandy bottomBlue nudibranch on sandSmall nudibranchUnusual nudibranchTwo nudibranchs, one with stub rhinophoreDevilishly handsome little crabShrimp in coralShrimp in bubble coralRed shrimp on red sea cucumberClownfish in closing anemoneScorpionfish in spongeInimicus devilfishBlue ribbon eelBlue ribbon eelSnake Eel with shrimp on headMimic octopus.