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Mexico and Costa Rica

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Hammerhead at ManuelitaHammerhead at ManuelitaHungry silky sharkSilky sharkSilky sharkSilky shark up closeLots of hammerheads at AlcyoneMobula near surface at AlcyoneValerie Siefert and boat mantaMarble ray at Dirty Rock (Gary Powell in background)3 Marble rays at Dirty RockTunnel at Submerged RockArch at Dos AmigosArch at Dos AmigosHuge school of jacks at Sharkfin Rock, diver at bottom.Jacks at Sharkfin RockDense jack school at Sharkfin Rock

Costa Rica Mainland

Poison Arrow Frog - TortugueroButterflyOrchidGrasshopper in hibiscusBeach at El Ocotal

Islas Revillagigedos, Mexico

Manta at San Benedicto Boilers Coleen and manta Coleen and manta Large manta at San Benedicto BoilersMantas at San Benedicto Boilers.Diver and manta.Manta at San Benedicto Boilers.Manta at San Benedicto Boilers.Silky shark. Juvenile Clarion angelfish from Socorro Island. Adult Clarion angelfish from Socorro Island. Colorful triggerfish.Green jack. Mating jacks. Jacks near surface at Roca Partida.

Baja California, Mexico

Baitfish school at Los Islotes.Baitfish school at Los Islotes.Bottomside of starfish - not small shrimp just right of center.Hairy hermit crab. Nudibranch and fan at Punta Pescadero Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch. Nudibranch.Longnose hawkfish in black coral (wreck of the Salvatierra) Goby.Tube Blenny faceTube blenny.Gremlin blenny.Tube blenny.Whataface!Puffer face.Friendly green moray at El BajoGreen moray eel.Zebra moray eel at Los IslotesJewel moray eel.Snowflake eel. Moray from El Bajo Moray CondosJewel moray eel.Two green morays.Barberfish at Las AnimasJuvenile king angelfish.Cortez AngelfishOlive Ridley hatchling just out of the nest.Gray whale nuzzling panga in Laguna San Ignacio Gray whale snuggling panga at Laguna San Ignacio - Pam's hands in foregroundGray whale at Laguna San Ignacio Whale shark.Whale shark.Whale shark. Whale shark. Whale shark.Whal shark face. Whale shark departure. My daughter and my best dive buddy Coleen Bondy.