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Papua New Guinea

Common nudibranchBeautiful nudibranch on coral at Dinah's BeachWhite nudibranchNudibranch.Blue fire gobyFire goby.Paired four-spot gobies - Milne BayCuttlefishFlamboyant cuttlefish - Milne BayChambered Nautilus - New Hanover IslandRed Shrimp at Dinah's BeachGoby and blind shrimp symbiosis.Rhinopius - Milne BayRhinopias.RhinopiusSilvertip Shark - New Hanover IslandLionfish head-onPNG scenic reefMorningTomato clownfish.Clownfish in anemoneNemo is found.PNG reef scene - Milne Bay


Febrina 2006

I did a 2-week Milne Bay trip on the dive boat Febrina in late February of 2006 with Rainbowed Sea Tours, hosted by my good friends Chris Newbert and Birgitte (Deda) Wilms, the two best underwater photographers in the world. It was my first liveaboard trip since major back surgery in 2003, and my first with all-digital photo equipment (yes, I took a lot of abuse for that from this hard-core film group). I did 43 dives, made 2500 underwater and 500 topside images. Some of those are posted below (this will be a work-in-progress, I will add photos periodically):

Diver (Paul Waldeck) and canoe.Reef scene.Milne Bay sceneMilne Bay scene, Febrina aboveMilne Bay scene, Febrina above.Milne Bay sceneLarge anemone.Shoal of small fish at Esa' Ala Wharf, one of the most amazing things I have seen underwater.Esa' Ala Wharf, the shape of the school changes every second.Esa' Ala WharfEsa' Ala WharfEsa' Ala WharfEsa' Ala WharfCuttlefish - note how perfectly all the tentacles are folded and arrangedSmall cuttlefish.Shrimp cleaning eel's mouth.Two eels.Red scorpionfish.Bearded scorpionfish.Anemone fishJuvenile Emperor angelfish.Cowfish.Cowfish.Blenny.Frogfish with fishing lure visible above eye.Toadfish - handsome devil!Harlequin ghost pipefishGhost pipefish.Green harlequin ghost pipefishCrab and Imperial shrimp on sea cucumberColeman shrimp (male and female) on fire urchin.Imperial shrimp on sea cucumber.Imperial shrimp on sea cucumber.Shrimp.Shrimp on anemone.Shrimp in anemone.Harlequin shrimp.Porcelain crab on anemone.Porcelain crab on anemone.Porcelain crab on anemone.Hermit crab in murex shell.Shy nudibranch.Nudibranch (Ceratosoma tenue)Nudibranch with Imperial shrimp.Nudibranch with Imperial shrimp.Nudibranch with Imperial shrimp hitchhiker.Nudibranch with Imperial shrimpNudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch (Risbecia tryoni)Nudibranch (Cyerce nigricans).Sydney Opera House nudibranch.Nudibranch.Nudibranch (Chromodoris geometrica).Nudibranch.Nudibranch (Micromelo undatus)Nudibranch.